Sunday, July 22, 2007

T minus: 9 Days!

Yes, you read correctly: I leave for Vancouver in 9 days. And I have lots to do before I go... I'm optimistic, though!

The funnest "to do" starts today: Li'l Bro and Li'l Sis are coming to stay. For 3 nights! Yipppeeee!!! (I hope they don't mind too much that we'll have to do a few preparatory things together: setting up my tent, checking my bike (and dismantling it for the plane ---- just a practice run, we'll have to put it back together too).

But otherwise: Fun!!!

Now I'm going to sort paperwork.... Let the fun begin. Soon, please!


Mam said...

Gezellig met z'n 3-tjes, maak er maar heel gezellige dagen van. Ems, laat je ze ook even zien hoe ze iets op je blog kunnen zetten?
Geniet en slaap lekker,

eva said...

lieve emily
wwat fijn dat ik mag logeren

Janneke said...

Jeeeej! Lil'Bro & Lil'Sis in da House! Me likes it!