Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Em.... No Longer On A Bike

Well... the stupidest thing happened: While shipping my bike from Vancouver to Calgary (Yes, I decided to go to Calgary), my brake was broken. And they couldn't get the part for 5 or 6 weeks.

So now my bike is on its way back home, and I have moved on to Edmonton.

From Friday I'll be working at a bison farm/bed&breakfast in Bonnyville via WWOOF.

I was crying all the way back to the hostel after I had shipped my bike yesterday. I'm a bit better now though. But still a bit sad. Tomorrow I am going on a therapeutic shopping trip (if I'm not biking, I don't have nearly enough "normal" clothes with me) in the biggest mall in the world. Apparently it has an indoor lake and a water(slide)park, both of which are the biggest in the world, too.....


Annette said...

En hoe is het ón the farm? Moet je hard werken, zijn er leuke mensen heb je tijd om iets van de omgeving te zien? Ben benieuwd hoe deze ervaring weer is.
Liefs Annette

Janneke said...

Hé Ems!
Een Bison Farm!! Hoe stoer!!!
Je hebt mail!
Zet 'm op, daar!
Kus, Janneke

Anonymous said...

Mika - relax, take it easy...!

Als ik nu die CD nog voor je moest branden stond'ie erop ;). Geniet, ik ben benieuwd naar je verhalen!

Liefs, Sanne

Anonymous said...

Emily??? Still alive??? .... Where are you....???

x Sanne