Monday, August 6, 2007

Yes Folks, Alive!

It's now Monday. I've been in Vancouver for six days now. LUUUURRRVVEE the city. Love the fact I've got my bike too.

The day I picked up the bike was the only day so far the weather hasn't been nice. It was strange cycling in from the airport, since it was the first time I ever rode my bike on a highway. Before you freak out over there, they have a cycling lane on the hard shoulder (vluchtstrook). The idea of getting on the road though was pretty scary. Especially because I also had to go over this huge bridge together with a six lane (car) highway. I'm glad I got over that. It turned out to not be nearly as scary as cycling on Granville, a very long street that takes you from the airport right up to where I'm staying (almost). There's just so much traffic on Granville, I ended up cycling on the (quiet) footpath. Much better, I must say.

Tomorrow I actually start cycling for real. Apparently I picked a good day, because its supposed to rain. However, the hostel is fully booked, so there's no way for me to stay any longer.
On Saturday I had a bit of a freak-out about leaving the safe environment of the hostel. I had a to-do list longer than both arms combined, and not enough time to do it in. Also, I was doubting the route I want to take, and whether I would be able to do it at all.
So, to calm my nerves I went to the movies, and saw two films back to back: Sicko and Knocked Up. Which was a very good thing to do, because it put me in a much better mood. Now I'm pretty much packed for tomorrow, and confident I'll manage.

I might come back later this evening and post some of the things I did around Vancouver, but first I'm going to get some dinner.


Anonymous said...

Woe hoe....go Emily! grt, sylvie

Annette said...

He moppie en nu het echte werk, hoe vind je de muziek???